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Real Estate Drone Photography
Certified Drone Pilot


FAA Small UAS Remote Pilot #4306667

At Straight 4WARD Property Inspections our drone pilots are licensed & certified through the FAA to use drones for commercial use. Drone technology has advanced to the place where anyone, including you, can now have Professional, High-Resolution Photos and Videos created for their business.​  For home inspections, it's after and more efficient to use a drone than walking on a high pitch roof. The drones gives us a closer look at larger commercial buildings in 4k. We use aerial drones to identify damaged roof material, broken or missing shingles, damaged gutters, flashing issues, vent pipes, chimney deficiencies, and much more. This service is included for FREE with every home inspection, with an additional fee assessed for commercial building use. 

We also perform additional commercial drone inspections or services at a COST.

- Aerial Cinematography

- Aerial Photos

We fly state of the art drones with the ability to capture high quality 4K images and videos. Fully insured, FAA certified drone pilots. 

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