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Why You Should
Test for Mold

Mold on the ceiling in a home

Mold testing, combined with infrared scans and visual inspection methods, is the best non-invasive method to assess the extent and types of mold in your home. Most people test for mold when they smell an unusual odor, see discolored spots, or become sick for no apparent reason.  Because mold growth often is caused or accelerated by moisture, many people also test for mold after a significant water-related property issue, e.g., heavy rains cause water penetration in the basement, dishwasher floods the kitchen, washing machine floods the laundry room, etc. Testing before remediation helps to establish baseline conditions and the scope of any possible remediation; testing after remediation ensures that the mold has been properly mitigated.

What's Included?

Our Mold Assessment gives you a comprehensive understanding of the types and extent of mold in your home.  We employ a multi-faceted approach to mold testing, including visual examination, air sampling, infrared inspection and, in some cases, surface sampling; we ship the samples to a qualified lab for results and analysis, which we include in your Mold Assessment report. 

Pictures Mold Spores
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Mold Inspection Test Kit
Mold Magnified
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