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Certified Commercial Property Inspections

What's Inspected During A Commercial Property Inspection?

The following systems and components are inspected during a commercial property, multi-family, and building inspection services:

  • Structure

  • Roof

  • Foundation

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Site Profile & Drainage

  • Life Safety/Health

  • Deferred Maintenance

  • Public Accessibility

  • Moisture Intrusion

  • Property Research

A thorough commercial inspection can give you peace of mind about the building’s current condition. A comprehensive inspection is a vital step in the right direction.

"Do Your Due Diligence, Hire the Straight 4WARD Inspectors"

Commercial Property Maintenance

Regardless of the size or type of a commercial property, various kinds of maintenance must be performed, including general upkeep, emergency repairs, and special inspections (such as may be directed by an insurance company). But of particular importance for preserving buildings, equipment, and the grounds is preventive (or preventative) maintenance. 

All commercial buildings require some form of maintenance to allow for their continuous use and safe operating conditions. Preventive maintenance is a form of proactive maintenance that can prolong service life expectancies and prevent equipment failure, when implemented appropriately. PM strategies also promote a reduction in overall maintenance costs, whereas reactive maintenance is typically associated with unplanned downtime and high expenditures for repair or replacement.

Most commercial facilities have more in common than not, including their common critical assets, such as plumbing, electrical, and mechanical equipment. However, certain building types have unique maintenance considerations. Some PM programs employ a team of full- or part-time personnel that takes care of a property. Other programs call for hiring a commercial property inspector to address the inspection portion of the maintenance program.

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Looking for a certified commercial property inspector?

Omar Ward has been inspecting government facilities and  properties since 2012. He is Certified Commercial Inspector #CCPIA-002784. Omar combines his experience with construction through years of serving in the military building Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) in Afghanistan and Iraq with his educational skills, in order to create, informative, user-friendly, and practical commercial reports that are easy to read.

  1. Walk-through survey

  2. Property research

  3. Opinions for material defects

  4. Online report with photos

  5. Follow-up answers as needed


Most reports are available online by the end of the day concluding the inspection. More complex commercial properties will have an Initial Report the next day, then Final Report within 3 days.

Note: A commercial property inspection is not an engineering PCA or regulatory code compliance.

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Inspecting Commercial Properties

Additional Inspector Certifications

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InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector
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Our inspectors are certified by InterNACHI®, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Members of InterNACHI® have completed required hands-on training, including Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice courses. I am qualified to perform the best and most thorough commercial building and property inspection for our client

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